We have a variety of equipment to suit your packaging needs.

Hand Load, Automatic Bagger and Sealer

Bring simplicity, versatility and value to your low- to mid-volume production environment. Operating at speeds up to 25 bags per minute, these machines offer innovative engineering in a straightforward, tabletop design.

Industrial Bagging systems

The Autobag® 500™600TM bagger series are a technologically-advanced, automatic filling and sealing machine designed for reliability, flexibility and optimizing packaging throughput.

SPrint SidePouch Bagger

Engineered to provide high productivity solutions for hand load through fully-automatic packaging applications, the automated SPrint SidePouch packaging system operates at 120 bags per minute in continuous mode and offers special bag features. This advanced packing machine reduces costs while providing the widest range of industrial and retail bagging solutions.

High-Volume Food Bagger

Reduce your labor, speed productivity, save money and streamline your food packaging operation. This highly flexible design accommodates one or more operators or infeeds and a wide variety of products and bag sizes.

Retail Bagger for Mail Order Fulfillment

The new Autobag® 850S™ bagger is uniquely designed to provide enhanced packaging productivity for mail order fulfillment applications. It is the industry’s widest bagger running bags up to 22” wide.

Autobag Accu-Count 200

The Autobag Accu-Count 200 vibratory counter infeed system is capable of counting and batching at speeds up to 2,500 packages per hour. This efficient system offers high-accuracy counting productivity for applications such as fasteners, electrical, automotive, hardware and more.

Autobag Maximizer

The Autobag Maximizer is capable conveying and detecting hand load items at speeds up to 50 batches per minute. This controlled motion, flighted conveyor equipment is designed to be simple to use, dependable and operationally flexible to double the productivity of hand load packaging applications.

Pharmacy Order Fulfillment

Reduce your labor, speed productivity, save money and streamline your pharmaceutical packaging operation. Operates at speeds up to 720 orders per hour and features automatic scanning, printing, labeling, loading and sealing.

Tabletop Conveyorized Band Sealer

Designed especially for stand-up pouches is the Tabletop Conveyorized Band Sealing system with synchronized lower support conveyor. Variable speeds up to 35 feet per minute. No compressed air required.