Autobag 850S Mail Order Fulfillment Packaging Machine

Automated bagging system for large bags with wide openings

The Autobag 850S

The new Autobag 850S bagger is uniquely designed to provide enhanced packaging productivity for mail order fulfillment applications. Capable of running bags up to 22” wide, this system features a breakthrough bag opening technology that securely grips and holds the open bag in place.

  • Single or multi-line mail order fulfillment
  • Prescription-by-mail fulfillment
  • Apparel
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Sporting Goods
  • Footwear

Widest Bagger

Industry’s widest bagger running bags up to 22” wide.


High quality seals with coordinated seal flattener for wrinkle free seals.


Compact footprint minimizes floor space.


Flexible machine that easily integrates with third-party systems.

Easy Loading

Easy loading modular bag storage shelf that speeds bag changeovers.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive interface with AutoTouch Control Screen with access to operator tutorials, help system, on-board diagnostics, data retrieval, and performance monitoring.

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