Instapak® Simple™ Foam-in-Bag Packaging System

The Simple Solution for Superior Protection

The Foam-in-Bag Packaging System

In addition to being easy-to-use, the Instapak® Simple™ system is virtually mess-free. All foam components and materials are self-contained at all times. And thanks to simplified operation, packagers are assured consistent, pre-determined packaging material every time. The Instapak® Simple™ system utilises new foam mixing technology that eliminates pumps and heating elements that larger volume systems require. Foam components are delivered in practical containers, reducing the need to buy and store foam components in bulk.

What sets the Instapak Simple™ system apart from other foam packaging systems?

● Powered through a standard electrical outlet
● Pre-set push button operation
● Small 9.5 litre containers, easily positioned into place
● Low maintenance
● Plug and play
● Compact, mobile platform
● Minimum training required


Suitable for packing a vast range of products.


Foam is expanded on site ensuring the right amount of material is used every time.

Product Protection

Superior cushioning abilities that provide maximum protection with the minimum amount of material

Space Saving

Saving valuable warehouse space.

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