Multi-ply Paper Pad

PadPak JR converts multiple ply kraft paper into a cushioning pad for fast, efficient cushioning and blocking and bracing for small volume packaging needs. The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock absorbing paper pad through a patented folding and stitching process. PadPak JR is easy to operate and requires minimal operator training. The pad is fed by raising the operator handle to the top position and holding the handle there until the desired pad length is dispensed. The pad is cut by lowering the operator handle to the bottom position.

Cost Effective

Save money on materials, storage, and labor while increasing productivity


One material for all your in-the-box packaging needs.

Excellent Shock Absorption

2- or 3-ply pads offer excellent cushioning


Converter is set on four casters allowing for ease of movement

Environmentally Friendly

100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

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