Autobag Accu-Count 200

The Autobag Accu-Count 200 vibratory counter infeed system is capable of counting and batching at speeds up to 2,500 packages per hour. This efficient system offers high-accuracy counting productivity for applications such as fasteners, electrical, automotive, hardware and more. It can precisely detect product from .125″ in diameter, .125″ to 2.5″ in length and up to 2″ wide.


  • Automotive & appliance parts
  • Hardware & DIY
  • Electrical & electronic parts
  • Fasteners & connectors
  • Plumbing & heating
  • Hobby & crafts
  • Jewelry & novelty items
  • Cosmetics & beauty aids
  • Disposable health care products

AutoTouch Control Screen

Easy access to job storage system diagnostics and Individual Part Profiling with AutoTouch Control Screen

Small Footprint

The combined Accu-Count 200 & AB 180 automatic bagging system configuration has a small footprint – approximately 3′ x 5′ – saving valuable floor space


High-accuracy is ensured with the Overcount Discharge diverting funnel, which is activated when the final part passes through the detection eye

Enhanced Control

Part Orientation Funnels provide enhanced control of the part as it falls from the bowl through the detection eye, improving speed and accuracy

Integration Options

Can be integrated with multiple counters and the Autobag Kit-Veyor to provide integrated, efficient packaging of kits and sub-assemblies


Improved overall reliability and greater system control in multi-counter kit packaging operations with DeviceNet communications platform

Maximum Uptime

Maximum uptime with Modular Replace-n-Repair™ components

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